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Your Haircare Management Team

YHS is run by leading haircare industry professionals dedicated to empowering YOU. Your Haircare System will be sold directly to salons/spas and licensed salon hair designers, allowing you to have exclusively protected professional products. For more information about YHS Haircare, contact James Hobart at James@YHSHaircare.com or Alan Benfield Bush at Alan@YHSHaircare.com

Join The Movement!

Sick and Tired of seeing “Professional Only” Products in Mass Market Outlets Available to the Public?
If You answered Yes, Join Our Movement!

Alan and his Artistic Team will be handling artistic education including Alan’s unique and sought after “Method”. The Method is a system for designing the haircut and style, incorporating angles, head and body positions, elevations, shear positions, and many other details that Alan has mastered over the past 50 plus years.

James will be handling the business side of Education, as this information many times is not used in the development of the Salon/Spa. His M Power Entrepreneur Incubator’s sixteen courses are geared at gaining certification in business application.

We challenge all Professional Stylists/Aestheticians to join our Movement – Keeping Professional Hair and Skin Care Products Exclusive to the Professional Salon/Spa.