iSuccess Salon and Spa Program

Take Control Of Your Revenue!

iSuccess Salon & Spa Program

Hair Care Products Built For Beauty Care Professionals

  • Control Your Revenue
  • Oversee Product Distribution
  • Premium Educational Support
  • Exclusive Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Hair Professional Only Status
  • Enhanced Vision and Game Plan For a Solid Future

Empowering Beauty Care Professionals

Our iSuccess© Professional Salon / Spa Business Building Program is focused specifically on supporting the many professional stylists and aestheticians working within the Professional Salon Industry that need and are looking for a professional, exclusive line of products supporting them with professional only products, systems for use and movement, professional education, and company support. Our emphasis is on controlling the distribution of our hair care products to stay exclusive and professional only through our national network of Certified salons and spas. We are committed to keeping the salon / spa as the only professional distribution center in our business model. We challenge all professional hairstylists / aestheticians to join our Cause – Keeping professional hair and skin care products exclusive to the professional salon / spa.

“Hair is a woman’s ultimate beauty asset – the only thing that she never takes off”
Alex Wilson
Hair Designer