About YHS

Your Haircare System

Alan Benfield Bush created and launched YHS ~ Your Haircare System with an innovative new set of multi-purpose professional hair color enhancers, conditioners, shine therapies, styling and texturizing products. Alan Benfield Bush and James Hobart have joined forces with over 100 years of Professional Beauty experience in a major push to hold back the tide. sets up the Stylist/Aesthetician as our point of distribution, as we have eliminated the middle man or distributor. By going direct to the Salon/Spa we know we can control where our products land and go. That is the reason our legal and binding Agreement is a necessary step. The Agreement’s key point is that the Professional Stylist/Aesthetician purchases our products strictly to use at the Back Bar and to Recommend Professional Homecare.
YHS…. Your Haircare System is all about leadership, mentoring, and coaching our customers to Success. Education is our foundation.

The YHS Difference

Our Mark in the Haircare Industry

History shows over the past 15 years, the large family owned manufacturing companies sold to large corporate entities and opened the flood gates on once established “Professional Only” products, making them available to anyone at any time, either in Mass Market, or worse, the Internet. Shampoo is now a commodity product, found everywhere at competitive prices.

We challenge all Professional Stylists/Aestheticians to join our Movement – Keeping Professional Hair and Skin Care Products Exclusive to the Professional Salon/Spa.
Timing is on our side. Take a stand for yourself, other professionals, and our once proud and passionate Industry. You will make a difference in the outcome.