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THE premium Haircare System for Professional Hairstylists and Aestheticians dedicated in the art of beautiful hairdressing

Our focus is to provide Professionals with quality, high end, green, performance-based products that make a difference in our Client’s lives. YHS Haircare is a system that has professional application, as well a great line for Professional Homecare Recommendations.

Join our Movement supporting “Keeping Professional products – Exclusive to the Professional Hair Stylist / Aesthetician”

If you are a true Professional, Say Yes to YHS…. Your Haircare System.

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Get to know the visionaries behind our artistic collections, photo shoots and hair shows.
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Our Approach

Our support objective is to offer unique professional education that is focused on Alan’s hair cutting and design “Method” and business education that supports your efforts in developing and growing your business and income levels.

With most of states now moving professionals into “Independent Contractors”, as opposed to commission-based Hairstylists & Aestheticians, it is vital that they understand that Independents are now managing a business, as well as working for it.  

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YHS Vision

It is critical to understand that as prescribers of haircare therapy, we must control where our products land and then go; by taking control of our destiny.

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Current Trends, Styling Tips and Much More

Alan Benfield Bush

Creator of The Method, a premium hairstyling technique used by profession stylists around the world!

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